4,800.00 4,500.00

POcket Size AC/DC Clamp Meter Meet
3-3/4 Digit, 4000 Count
True RMS
Non Contact AC Voltage Detection ‘NCV’ with audio and Visible indication from 100 V
Single Probe Test ‘SPT’ to identify live wire in AC circuit from 100V with audio and Visible indication

Air-cored coil sensing has very low inductance comparing with iron-core, so it can respond fast to changing current.
It has no iron-core to saturate, such as those used in electric power, transmission, welding or pulsed power applications.
Large LCD display
Audible sound and visible indication during continuity check.
‘NCV’ Non-contact AC voltage detector with audible and visible display when > 100V (AC)
Single probe test ‘SPT” in AC circuit to find ‘Live / Hot’ wire, with audible and visible display when > 100 (AC)
Software calibrated.

330 Grams
Size: 22.5x 11.7x 4.5 Cm



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