Manipol Body Massager


Complete Body Massage
Power Speed Regulator
Perfect hand Grip
Helps relieve pain and relaxes body muscles
Suitable for waist, neck, shoulder, arm, hips, thighs and lower leg abdomen massage
Machine size: about 16 x 15 x 10 cm
Power cord length: about 240 cm
Input voltage: 220 V/frequency 50 Hz
Includes 3 Massage Heads:
1 Wave Cap (designed for deep massage of acupuncture points to accelerate blood circulation and to
improve body function)
1 Roller Cap (designed for oil massage)
1 Mesh Cover (Protective cloth cover for smooth movement)
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When you get back home after having a long tiring and stressful day, nothing serves you better than a relaxing massager. And is glad to serve you with the new generation body massager by Manipol.
This magical device is designed to make pain-relieving movements as it comes in contact with your skin. This effective movement automatically relaxes your muscles and relieves the pain instantly. This device also comes with different massage heads giving an ultimate experience of Massage therapy. has a deal for you that you will never want to miss. Now own 1 Manipol Body Massager in just Rs. 1399 instead of Rs. 2200 [36% Off] Quickly place your order at



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