A Guide to Acupuncture


A Guide to Acupuncture by Peter Firebrace & Sandra Hill
To acupuncturist, the body is a self-healing entity and acupuncture works by
balancing the body’s energy to enable the self-healing process to take effect.
Acupunture can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses and disorders, and
many patients have been helped by acupuncture where orthodox medicine has not
been able to cure or even find a cause for condition.
A comprehensive layman’s guide to the subject. It explains how acupuncture works
and describes the system of medical and general philosophy behind it. It sets it
in the context of orthodox medicine and
related therapies and explains how acupuncture can help you.
Illustrated with many specially commissioned colour photographs as well as charts
and diagrams, this guide will help you make an informed decision about your own health.

ISBN/ISSN: 0094722706



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